Why I moved my blog to Tumblr from Wordpress

Do things seem a little different? They should…

For the past year, my blog has been self hosted using Wordpress. Over the weekend, I decided to experiment and I moved my blog to Tumblr. 

There isn’t really anything wrong with Wordpress, I’ve built several blogs (personal and professional) using the platform and think its the most customizable blogging platform in the world. However, there are two key things that I think Tumblr does better:

1) Ease of use:

Never again will I need to log into an admin panel and manually backup my database before applying 5 new plugin updates and a monthly update to Wordpress itself… Tumblr takes care of this for me.

2) A different kind of social:

There are a number of great plugins you can install for Wordpress to provide social integration however these things seem forced and secondary. Tumblr is “built social” and encourages you to create an account and follow blogs you like. This is a powerful distinction between the two platforms and I look forward to seeing how this works out to my favor (or detriment.)

The first two people I told about this change had the following two questions for me:

Isn’t Tumblr just for posting funny pictures of kittens?

Its not a “real blogging” platform is it? 

My response… Say’s who? 

Tumblr does a lot of things well and if one of those things is allowing people to post funny pictures they find then thats great! But, it also has all of the same blogging features as other platforms and I intend to prove that it can be whatever you make it to be.

So, for the next few weeks I’m going to be migrating the posts from my old site to the new one. For those of you who have been following me for a while you’ll see some familiar content but for anyone new to this blog let me say WELCOME and I hope you enjoy seeing my posts for the very first time.